Iolanda Super Puppy Model Maureeen 

Attends her first photo shoot at the Factory Shop March, At 5 months as well as her modeling she has learnt to walk to heel, sit, down , stand, left and right hand finishes, recall, and started learning the retrieve and scent work – look out Crufts!! 

  More on the Maureeen story soon..... Her Agent Julie (Miss 80%)

Maureeen Awarded her Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Award, 

taking her Bronze Award in October 

Maureen was born 12th Feb 2019, she has 4 brothers and 5 sisters,  her parents are Xeron von fitchenschlag and Pepsi Dell'Alpe Adria .

The reason behind keeping this little girl was she is the first litter born since Tina passed away so I thought it would be lovely to keep her in memory of Tina and train her up , maybe not showing as she knew that was not my thing, but this little girl absolutely loves doing the search work so we will just have to wait and see how she comes along but so far so good, and of course her modelling career .

She has finally managed to put her ear up and is now looking all grown up although sometimes acts like a puppy and is cheeky but we just  love her.

Maureen has been lucky enough to do some training with the big guys todays Hawan & Perry. Maureen and Hawan  adore each other but Perry is still a bit unsure of her, but he will grow to love her im sure.

Super model Maureeen 2nd photo shoot at the

 Factory Shop March

She took along her permission of use Paw Contact to be displayed for all to see. Maureeen is a little concerned that she hasn't received her fee for her last visit to the Factory Shop although her agent Julie is now driving a new car!!!!!!